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Our Cloudflare Enterprise WordPress hosting is designed for business owners and web professionals.


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World’s Fastest WordPress Hosting

We offer Cloudflare Enterprise for all of our hosting plans starting from just $20/month. This means you can enjoy lightning-fast website speeds and unparalleled security, typically only available for large businesses with custom plans starting from $6000.

We believe that everyone deserves a website that performs like the big guys, not just those with big budgets. With our WordPress hosting, you can provide the best possible user experience for your visitors, no matter the size of your business or budget.


what does fast website mean to you?

Improved SEO Metrics

Google loves fast website, and it advocate people to optimize their pagespeed for years to provide visitors better user experience, and in return more likely to rank higher.

Better Conversion Rates

People expect website to load within 2 seconds, and if your site takes longer than that, you'll risk losing half of your visitors. Faster website tends to convert more.

Increased Credibility

Fast website improves credibility and gives a better first impression by demonstrating professionalism and a commitment to providing a positive user experience.

Cloudflare Enterprise network

Your Website Cached and Served From 285+ Server Around the Globe

More than 285+ edge server worldwide

Deliver content ultra fast to your visitors no matter where they are located at. Lowest TTFB in the industry.

Full page caching with brotli compression

Advanced caching rule configured to ensure all static assets stay at the edge server closet to your audience, deliver with HTTP/2 & HTTP/3

Enterprise Grade Firewall (WAF)

Avoid malicious traffic before they get to your website, plus extra security configured for WordPress admin panel.

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